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May 09 2017 In Tea Journal By

What is Cup of Consciousness Meditation Monday About?

When you laugh,
there is more joy in the world.

When you love,
there is more love in the world.

When you are at peace,
there is more peace in the world.

The decision to form our Cup of Consciousness Meditation Mondays was more of a calling rather than anything else; much like it was for me to start up Discover Teas. This tea business was a way to express a purpose of spreading more love out into the world and to be a force for good in the community.

But the desire to be a source of light and love didn’t stop there at the tea leaf. Especially now in today’s world, I feel a need—a pull—to do my part to bring love, joy, and peace into the world as much as possible, whenever possible.

The main goal in doing this group meditation is for the purpose of making a positive impact on the energy of the world. Through guided visualization, the group actively and consciously spreads light, love, peace and joy out into the world. We’ve had such powerful experiences each time. This month will be our fourth meeting on May 22nd at 12 pm, and we anticipate it to keep growing with momentum.

If this is something that resonates with you to lend your energy to, feel free to join us. No experience necessary. There’s no fee, and it’s not a solicitation for business. You simply show up with a willingness and open heart. Even if you can’t make it physically, you are still welcome to sit in meditation wherever you are and connect with the group with your intention. The more the merrier, and more powerful!

Here’s what Brana, owner of Universal Energy Waves and Crystal Cosmopolitan, has to say about her experience participating in the event. Thank you Brana for being part of this!

Dear Chris,

Thank you for creating the Cup of Consciousness Monday for community meditations. Each of the three meditations were beautiful and each was unique.

The amazing energy created in today's group meditation continues to resonate through my day. The sense of expansion and joy to which you guided us today was beyond what words can express. I have been meditating since my early teens, and so it is not the fact that we are meditating but the purpose for which we are doing it that is creating this heightened sense of awareness and gratitude. Thank you for opening your heart and your space for those who want to create more joy in the world.


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