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Jun 27 2012 In Tea Journal By

Kombucha: Drink to Your Health

A friend dropped by the shop yesterday to say hello, and of course, grab some tea to go. She was intrigued by our sign about the upcoming Kombucha Class this Saturday. She commented on how her grandma had it brewing all the time. "All Russian Grandmothers had a jar of it; it's what we drank." In Russia however, the concoction was known by another name. No surprise. This ancient elixir was a staple throughout China, India and Russia...and spread to the rest of the world.

Personally, I was introduced to Kombucha just this year. From the first bottle, I was hooked. I could sense an immediate effect in my body as it seemed to clear my head, fuel my energy, and pick up my mood that dull afternoon. The next day, I could tell my body was yearning for it! That's when I knew I had to bring it into the shop to have available for customers to enjoy as well.

Kombucha is a tea beverage that is fermented with healthy bacteria and yeast. Its benefits are touted world wide; it's no wonder it has been catching on in the States as the latest craze. People have had amazing results from reducing headaches, relieving chronic pain issues, boosting immune system, enhanced digestion, to eliminating candida, gout and kidney stones.

We are so excited for the upcoming class this Saturday! (Please note that our regularly scheduled Tea Class will not be held, but commence the following week.) Our special guest from Kombuchick Inc in Virginia Beach will be making a trip up to introduce Williamsburg to the history, benefits, and brewing methods of Kombucha. I'll keep the details for her to share. There is still room to join in, so contact us to reserve your spot! Cost is $75, which covers the class as well as a brew kit to take home to begin your own home brew.

Blended with Love, Steeped in Gratitude

Chris Farishon


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