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Introducing Afternoon Tea!

We've received our fair share of questions about afternoon tea over the past few years. As a tea shop with a lounge area like ours, it's certainly understandable. Who wouldn't want to spend an hour or two conversing with friends old and new over a few cups of tea and a delicious meal?

However, when a small crew like ours was spread over two locations, hosting events on such a grand scale would have been very difficult. We didn't want to shortchange our tea family by offering them an experience that wasn't up to our high standards, so in the past, we've had to answer those questions with a regretful, "no, I'm afraid we don't do afternoon tea here."

Now that we're all together in one place at Discover Teas in Newport News, we knew one of the things we wanted to start was something people have been asking us for since day one: Afternoon tea! We're happy to announce that starting February 24th, 2017, we will be hosting afternoon teas on a monthly basis. You can check our event calendar each month to see when that month's afternoon tea will be, or, of course, follow us on Facebook or sign up for our e-mail newsletter!

What will a Discover Teas Afternoon Tea look like? Glad you asked! In the U.S., many people think of "high tea" as a swanky affair involving fancy china, little sandwiches, and assorted sweets. In the U.K., however, high tea is actually a more casual affair more akin to what Americans would call dinner or supper, with much heavier fare such as meat pies, potato dishes, and sometimes roasts. A British afternoon tea is closer to what Americans think of as "high tea," and so we decided to go with that term in order to avoid excess confusion.

At our monthly Afternoon Teas, you will find a selection of our delicious loose-leaf teas, paired with a variety of courses from our catering partners. Our inaugural afternoon tea will be catered by our friends at Thank Goodness It's Homemade, who will provide us with a delectable display of delicacies to enjoy!

Since our Afternoon Teas are a catered event, a prepaid registration of $35 per person is required to attend. In order to get an accurate head count, our registration deadline for the February Afternoon Tea will be 6:00pm on Tuesday, February 21st. You can register by giving us a call at (757) 320-4033 or by stopping by the shop to pay. Bring a friend and enjoy Afternoon Tea with a Discover Teas twist, and don't worry—you can keep the pinkies down!

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